The Engineering and Technology Promotion Center (ETPC) has been established in 1965 at National Cheng Kung University. It is the exclusive unit continuously supported by the Department of Engineering and Technologies, National Science and Technology Council under projects. The main missions of ETPC are to integrate and promote the academic research achievements, especially in engineering areas to the industry, and to upgrade/add the values of technologies in production development. This center plays an important role as a “bridge” between the academia and industry. In ETPC, an "eTop-Engineering and Technology Open Promotion platform" (www.etop.org.tw) has been established and managed online since 2011. In which, the reports of research projects supported by the Department of Engineering and Technologies, has been digital archived for reference since 2005.



Ever since it has been established, ETPC keeps to accumulate academic achievements in technology, extends the talent network, establishes exchange platforms and carry out bi-directional production and learning communication with remarkable achievements in all aspects.

The key business execution focuses as follows:

1. Managing and analyzing research achievements of Industry-Academy Project.
2. Promoting engineering and technology research achievements and other services.
3. Multimedia service and newsletter publication.
4. Project management and statistic compilation.