Planning key directions

Major research directions include, but are not limited to, applications of plasma technology, remote sensing (or telemetry), flight safety, unmanned aircraft, micro-satellites, and composite applications.


  • Applications of plasma technology

  1. Plasma Actuator
  2. Plasma Assisted Combustion
  3. Electric Propulsion
  • Remote sensing (or telemetry)

  1. Active or passive remote sensing (or telemetry) instrument, system design, manufacturing and advanced methodology
  2. Improvement and innovation of remote sensing (or telemetry) data processing technology
  3. Analysis and application of remote sensing (or telemetry) data
  • Flight safety
  1. Flight safety management system and application
  2. Human factors
  3. Safety analysis of non-precision instrument approach procedures
  4. Optimization of aircraft separation for safety at take-off and landing
  5. Study on wet runway accidents in conjunction with flight operations, aircraft and runway performance
  6. Risk analysis of the micro-scale weather conditions on flight operation
  • Unmanned aircraft
  1. Unmanned aircraft power system technology
  2. Unmanned aircraft reliability upgrade technology
  3. Unmanned aircraft anti-collision technology
  4. Extended applications of unmanned aircraft technology
  5. Formation flight technology research of unmanned aircraft
  • Micro-satellites
  1. Miniaturization on on-board components and systems
  2. Applications of micro-satellite technology
  3. Studies on the issues related to space debris
  • Applications of composite materials

    1. Composite mechanics
    2. Application of composite materials in aerospace and energy industry
    3. Nano composite materials
    4. Fabrication of composite materials